About bee swarms

If you see a hanging cluster of bees or have a swarm of bees it is always a good idea to contact a beekeeper like myself because they are easy to catch and remove at this point. Swarming is a natural part of the development of a honey bee colony. Swarming is a method of propagation that occurs in response to usually crowding within the colony. Many times these swarms will find a hole in the side of a building and will move into an attic, eaves, or wall.  Once a bee swarm has moved in, it is rather difficult and sometimes expensive to remove them. 

By having me pick up the bees instead of killing them you help keep the bee population intact and avoid other problems. Honeybees have been declining in number for several years because of several factors, and if honeybees die, our crops and flowers will suffer. Many people may not know the benefits of honeybees, they are responsible for helping multiple crops to grow and provide many products we use. Although public awareness of the honeybees and their impact is increasing, it is important to report a honeybee swarm in order for them to be safely removed.  Many times swarms and bee colonies are found doing landscaping work.

Look at the "Is it a bee or wasp" page or the video page on this site and if they are honey bees, call me at 702-569-6573. Please DO NOT call additional beekeepers as I strive to answer your call in a timely fashion and come right away. Calling others leads to confusion.  I pickup swarms of honeybees in New Castle County, DE.  Including such cities as Wilmington, Bear, Newark, New Castle, Old New Castle, Hockessin and Claymont Delaware.  I will go to Middletown sometimes.

When you call, I will want to know the following about the swarm of bees:

1- Are you sure they are honeybees?  If yes, where are you? Wilmington, Bear, Smyrna, Hockessin, Claymont, Prices Corner, etc..

2- Where are the bees? Are they in a tree? On a post? On a branch? In the walls? In the eaves?

3- Can the swarm be collected from the ground or is a ladder needed? 

4- How long have they been there?

I will need your street address for the bee removal and your phone number. If I are not available to come out right away for the bee swarm collection, I WILL call you before leaving to make sure the bees are still there and need removal as swarms will often fly away. 

I ask that you DO NOT spray ANY chemicals or water on the swarm or provoke them. Spraying a honey bee swarm is a risky operation because of the large number of bees.

I can pick them up while you are away or while you wait, stay back and keep others and pets away from the swarm, but feel free to admire and appreciate the bees from a safe distance.  Honey bees swarm every summer.  You can help the honey bees by calling me to pick up swarms of bees instead of them being killed.  You can learn about beekeeping though books available here on this site.   Contributions for gasoline would be much appreciated.

Bee Hive Removal: If you have a beehive that you no longer want, or wish to have a bee hive removed, I also offer hive removals and pick up honeybee hives as well.  Thanks for visiting.

What To Do If You Are Stung
Remove stinger as soon as possible (don't squeeze the small venom sack at the end, it may look like its moving)
Scrape stinger out with fingernail, knife blade 
Apply ice pack for a few minutes to relieve pain 

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