Look at the photos below to identify your pest.  Read the caption for more information.

Its a honeybee!  While they can sting, they usually don't.  Each bee can only sting once.  Leave them alone and they will leave you alone (unless you smell like honey or a flower).  They LOVE sugar drinks.  So keep those juice boxes away.  During dry spells you may see them around more as they are looking for water. 


Its a paper wasp.  BEWARE they sting.  These come in a variety of colors, usually a reddish brown.  They LOVE rotten fruit.  They build nests in eaves and hidden places.  You usually can't see them all, don't be fooled.


Its a HORNET.  BEWARE they sting!  They can sting more than once.  Can be mean and large.  They attack honeybee hives for their honey.  Just two or three can kill a hive.  If you see a nest, call the bug man.


Its a yellowjacket on a paper nest.  BEWARE they sting!  There could be a lot of these on a nest or in a hole and usually more than you think.  Each wasp can sting multiple times.  They feed on sweet liquids and meat.  Call the bug man or get a trap at the hardware store (HINT: get the one you throw away).  You can also make a trap yourselfHere's another.


Its a HORNET.  They also come in yellow, but look much the same.  BEWARE they sting!  See above info on Hornets.


It's Harry the Bumble bee.  They can sting.  Look closely at the photo.  How do you tell if it's a bumblebee or a carpenter bee?  Easy.  Harry the bumble bee is hairy all over and usually has some yellow on his lower half.  He usually lives in the ground.  See Baldy the carpenter bee below.


It's Baldy the carpenter bee.  They can sting.  Look closely at the photo.  Baldy has no hair on his lower half, he looks shiny and bald there.  He has no yellow there either.  He loves to bore holes in wood.  See Harry the bumble bee above and note the differences.


Bee treated with gamma radiation.  Just kidding.  However, if you do find one don't call me.